The Walking Dead, Kymppitonni and Oscar winning Free Solo documentary are arriving to Ruutu! The added contents by FOX and National Geographic will be available in March.

Ruutu’s selection will be complemented in March with FOX’s programs and National Geographic’s contents. FOX’s programs were previously available in FOXplay. Ruutu is the first streaming service in Finland to offer National Geographic’s programs free on demand.

“Sanoma is in charge of Fox Network Group’s media sales in Finland and FOX and National Geographic contents are added to Ruutu as a part of this ad sales representation agreement. We are thrilled to have these new contents in Ruutu, where we believe they have potential to reach an even bigger audience. These contents will also diversify our selection further”, says Jenni Nummela Director of Ruutu.

“Having a rich history in world-class storytelling, it is in our DNA to put our audiences at the heart of what we do and ensure that our brands and engaging content is made easily available for all to enjoy. The launch of FOX and National Geographic on Ruutu demonstrates this commitment and we are thrilled to share our content on such a strong streaming offering like Ruutu” says Hans van Rijn, General Manager, Fox Networks Group Nordic.

Ruutu’s new FOX contents include local favorites and global hit series

The Walking Dead is a hugely popular hit series which 9th season’s second half started in February. The entire 9B season will be added to Ruutu from March onwards. Each episode has a 28 days catch-up on Ruutu.

In March Ruutu’s selection is also complemented with full seasons of FOX’s domestic programs. Sara Chafak suolasta sahramiin and Sara La Fountain cooking shows inspire viewers with delicious recipes and Ruutu’s reality offering gets a new kick from V##n puhelinmyyjät, ToosaTV and Lapin poliisit. In addition Kymppitonni, Huutokaupan metsästäjät Suomi and 112 will have first run 30 days catch-up after the last episode is shown on tv in Ruutu.

National Geographic offers top series and a 2019 Academy Award winner

Free Solo won the Best Documentary Feature Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards and will be available in Ruutu in March. National Geographic offering in March includes also several popular documentary series, like Air Crash Investigation and Ice Road Rescue as an example

Ruutu will receive new Fox and National Geographic content regularly. These contents do not require Ruutu subscription but are free for everyone to watch including ads.