Sanoma Media Finland will represent media sales for the premium entertainment and factual channel brands within Fox Networks Group (FNG) from 1st January 2019. This will ensure advertisers have greater reach and greater efficiency to purchase advertising as part of Nelonen Media’s channel portfolio. This new ad sales partnership has no impact on the content of the channels.

Sanoma Media Finland has today announced a new partnership with Fox Networks Group (FNG) to exclusively represent all advertising sales across the entire channel portfolio of the premium broadcaster, in Finland, including the Hollywood entertainment channel brand FOX and the factual brand National Geographic, as well as all advertising-funded video content provided by FNG.

”We are very pleased with the new partnership. FNG’s channel portfolio clearly complements Nelonen Media’s existing channel selection. However, the channels and their content will be developed separately also in the future”, Kari Laakso, President, Nelonen Media comments.

Video content consumption is significantly increasing, but at the same time viewing is becoming more fragmented across different platforms and services. This new agreement will make it easier for Finnish advertisers to reach quality TV audiences and to drive impactful campaigns that deliver advertisers’ needs. ”Through this new partnership, we can offer more extensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs and improve the reach for each individual campaign. Now that Nelonen Media and FNG channels are all in one place, we have made it easier for our clients to purchase advertising using Sanoma’s easy-to-use and fast purchasing tool”, continues Hans Edin, Chief Commercial Officer at Sanoma Media Finland’s B2B Services.

Hans van Rijn, General Manager, Fox Networks Group Nordic commented: “We are delighted to enter into the ad sales and distribution partnership with Sanoma Media Finland. We have a similar ad sales partner strategy already implemented across Sweden, Denmark and Norway. FNG and Nelonen Media together have strong, targeted and complementary media brands and we are convinced that this partnership will enable us jointly to leverage our incomparable expertise in, and access to, the audiences our advertisers are looking to reach, and that it will allow FNG to further invest in strong content to the benefit of the Finnish viewers.”

Mr van Rijn added: “We are also thrilled to be able to offer the users of Nelonen Media’s on demand service Ruutu, the chance to stream the very best of local and US award-winning drama and comedy series from FOX and vast array of compelling content from National Geographic.”